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Take your number anywhere with VoIP

All the flexibilty and features of the cloud for your business VoIP numbers. Be anywhere and take a call. Queue inbound callers, IVR, Voicemail to email and more.

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Residential / Small

£7.00 per user
1 - 5 users
Geographic 01/02 number included
Free soft phone for Android & IOS


£6.50 per user
6 - 20 users
Geographic 01/02 number included
Free soft phone for Android & IOS


£6.00 per user
20 - 50 users
Geographic 01/02 number included
Free soft phone for Android & IOS


50+ users
Not sure on growth or requirements
Request a bespoke solution

Beat the 2025 switch off

BT plan to turn off the traditional analogue and ISDN telephone systems, with VoIP becoming the standard as its replacement. This will mean no more line rental, but what other benefits does VoIP offer?

Cheaper Calls

Outbound calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper compared to a traditional telephone line. Cheaper calls means you can call more


You can add and remove features as you need them. Adding another user is done in seconds. Take more calls, don't be limited to one call at a time.

Works Anywhere

Dont have an office? Not a problem, with hosted VoIP you could be anywhere and still receive or make a call with a landline number.

Book a FREE 30 Minute consultation to discuss your VoIP requirements

Ask any question, understand VoIP and discover solutions

Great VoIP features as standard

Hunt Groups

Control how calls get distributed to your staff members. 


On each extension and globally. Automatically send voicemails to your email.

Call Records

See call lists inbound and outbound. From anytime the serivce starts.


Join a conference room and have a conference.
Attendies from outside your organisation can dial in.

Call Restriction Security Suite

Block numbers from calling in.
Restrict outbound call destinations, per user or globally.

Time Profiles

Control where calls are routed within your organisation based on the time of day.

Get more value with a VoIP minutes package

Big Value Bundle

Get the best of both worls with 1000 landline minutes and 350 mobile minutes for £19.99 a month.

1000 Landline Minutes

For £10 a month you can get 1000 minutes to landline 01/02 numbers.
Extra peice of mind for busy people.

250 Mobile Minutes

Calling mobiles frequently?
Get 250 minutes to major UK mobiles for £7.50 a month.

500 Mobile Minutes

Always calling mobiles?
500 minutes to major UK mobiles for £15 a month.

Valid for pro rata. Can be applied to your account at any time. Minutes over the package allowance will be charged at our normal rate.
Applies to the account and all extensions associated. Applicable for hosted VoIP and SIP trunks.

Bolt-on VoIP extras as you need them!

Add as many features as you need to build your perfect VoIP system at any time. Remove features when they're not needed anymore. Need a telephone number for a marketing campaign? No problem!

IVR Menu

Interactive Voice Response. Create voice menus with options for inbound callers. Use this to create departments or routes for callers to get to the right people.

Telephone Numbers

  • Additional 01/02
  • 03 non-geographic 
  • 0845 non-geographic 
  • 0843 non-geographic free


Call Queues

Place callers in to queues while they wait for an available agent. Hold music is played while they wait. Periodic announcement will inform the caller what posistion they are in the queue.

Call Recording

Record calls inbound and outbound. Setup on each user. You may want to record calls to and from staff, but maybe not the directors?
£2.00 per GB of storage

Music On Hold Upload

Have your own custom recorded music to play to callers while they wait?
Fantastic! Upload it and start using it.
£10.00 per upload


Build or import a phone book and assign users that you want to access it.
Your phone book in the cloud.

Import your existing telephone number

Want to keep your existing telephone number? Not a problem, we can port your number to us and get you saving on calls in no time! Single analogue and SIP £10. Multi-line ISDN, analogue & SIP £40. Non Geographic Import £49.99. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and are a one time charge applied at time of import.

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