Leased line Norwich, Norfolk

Guaranteed fibre up to 1Gbps

Do more with more speed than ever before. Competitively priced business leased lines and available throughout the UK. Backed by an industry standard SLA.

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SLA Covered

Your internet leased line is backed by an SLA with a target of 4 hours to fix should something go wrong.

Support Round the Clock

You depend on this service. We are hear for you when ever you need us and with 24x7 monitoring we'll already know if theres an issue.
Proactively correcting problems.

Choice of Carrier

We've partnered with BT, Virgin, SKY, Talk Talk Business and City Fibre to make sure we get you the best leased line price possible.

Internet Access

Dedicated full fibre leased line.
Speeds of up to 10 Gigabit.
Backed by industry standard SLA


Join offices or buildings together over vast distances. Access and share resources from other sites.

Resillient Access

Never be offline!
Broadband, multicarrier and OpenReach Diverse failover options


Connect multiple sites/branches across the country on one wide area network.

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Leased Lines Norwich, Norfolk

Get the bandwidth you need to grow and to do more. Non-contended symetrical bandwidth up to 1 Gigabit.
We can also provide up to 10 Gigabit if you need more!

Dedicated Internet Access

What could your business do with Dedicated Internet Access up to 1 Gigabit?

Free Cisco Router

All of our leased lines come with a free Cisco router.
Or you can use your own, we don't mind.

Static IP addressing

We can supply a block of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses at no additional cost.

Free Installation

When you sign up for any leased line on a 3 year term*.
Subject to site survey, ECC's (Excess Construction Charges) may apply.

4 Hour Fix

In the unlikely event of a failure on your line we will provide on-site assistance, around the clock, with a 4 hour fix aim.

24x7 Monitoring

We pro-actively monitor your connection and will be available around the clock to offer support in the event of failure.

What could you do with more speed?

With faster and guaranteed speed internet access, there is alot you could do. Host your own server, run a call center, share with other businesses and more.
Dedicated means dedicated, backed by an industry standard service level agreement you’ll always get the best!

Why use Stitch Networks

Experts in leased lines from Norwich, Norfolk.

Top quality leased line providers.

Leased lines solutions specifically for you, no generic fixes.

Competitive leased lines prices and free leased line quotes.

Rated 5* on Google and Facebook.

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